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Do you know How much it cost to keep your horses a day, a month , a year?
Do you know if the invoices you send are profitable?
Do you know how much it cost to drive your truck a mile or kilometer?
Do you know how much cash you have tied up in inventory?
Do you know if your vaccines or medications have expired?
Do you know if your business has the physical and financial capacity to add horses?
The Genie Does!
The Genie is your Assistant Manager, Personal Assistant, Financial Analysis and Accountant / Bookkeeper!
equineGenie significantly shortens your tax filing effort and expense!

You don't need a stable secretary to enter your horse records, you need equineGenie to manage your horse records and your horse business!
equineGenie includes FREE setup help, product training, ongoing support and software updates. There are NO monthly charges or annual fees!

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Getting Organized is easy, Managing your Horse Business is equineGenie. Record keeping adds little to no value, managing your records adds lots of value. equineGenie adds at least 5X the value over just keeping record . equineGenie manages your records and much, much more! equineGenie is the lowest cost of ownership!